Multex: JEBSOL 25

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Concentrated, powerful hard Surface Cleaner.



Unperfumed formula, developed for a wide range of heavy duty cleaning applications in kitchens, food processing operations and general industry. Rapidly cuts through tough grease, oils and dirt on a variety of hard surfaces including walls, floors, tiles, PVC, cooker hoods, and fryers.


heavy duty cleaning: dilute 1 part to 50 parts to water (100ml per 5 litres).  Apply by mop, cloth, spray or machine cleaner. Rinse with clean water.

Light cleaning/paintwork: dilute 1 part to 250 parts water (20ml per 5 litres) Hot water will boost cleaning power. Rinse with clean water/damp cloth.

Diptank degreasing: dilute 1 part to 25 parts hot or cold water. Soak components to dissolve grease and agitate where necessary. Rinse with water.

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